Friday, May 11, 2012

Gershon Orelowitz and His Family, Lithuania in the 1930s

A picture (by courtesy of Fay Oppenheim) of Gershon Orelowitz, his daughter Riva Orelowitz Rachowitz and his grandsons, Nathan Rachowitz and Aaron-Israel Rachowitz (my father; the third from the left). Gershon son of Judah Leyb Orelowitz was born in 1872 in Tsarist Lithuania. He was very religious. Gershon went to San Francisco in 1904, stayed there for three years and came back because it was not religious enough for him there. Gershon married Bassia/Basye Joffe and they had five children: Riva-Rachel (above), Kazriel, Joseph/Joe, Shmuel and Berl/Berke. The family lived in Rokiškis, Lithuania. Gershon and his wife Bassia/Basye Joffe Orelowitz, died of sorrow, from the passing of their son Shmuel, according to Fay's father Joe.  

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